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7 Apartment Gym Workouts – Full Body Training with Limited Equipment

Many workout routines use a vast amount of equipment and machines. But those routines can only be done at big commercial gyms. They’re great because they allow more variety in the exercises, but going to such a gym isn’t always convenient or worth it. For example, if your apartment block or your student housing has […]

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9 tips for a Merry Christmas in Eating Disorder Recovery

For most people, Christmas means thrill, light, fun, nice things… but, when you’re recovering from an eating disorder, it’s one of the most dreaded times of the year. We see how we’re going to have to deal with too many things we can’t control, concentrated in very few days, and that generates anxiety. What am […]

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How to prevent your daughter from developing anorexia (not how you think)

If you’re a mother or father worried about the possibility that your daughter can develop an eating disorder, this post is for you. I started with anorexia when I was 9, and very often that’s when the thoughts start to creep in, which then in pre-teen or teen years turn into a full-blown eating disorder. […]

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Goddess Ana: the religious longing of pro-anorexia communities

Many think anorexia is a physical problem. Some know it’s a mental problem. Only a few suspect it’s a spiritual problem. One of the most disturbing aspects of eating disorders is the pseudo-religious character that it ends up taking for many people. Let’s take for example (since it’s my story) someone who has anorexia. You […]

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A loved one has an eating disorder! How can I help?

One thing that’s a constant obstacle that makes people recovering from an eating disorder stumble are triggering comments, either about food, other people’s appearance, that person’s appearance… Most times they are due to an assimilation of the ramping diet culture, or to insensitivity. Others, however, the person who makes them is actually trying to help […]

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10 triggering comments you must never make to someone with an ED

A while ago we went through some comments about food that we should remove from our vocabulary for good, because they perpetuate the impositions of diet culture and contribute to create an unhealthy general mindset around food. However, when you know a person next to you is suffering from an eating disorder, you need to […]

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