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Virtual guest

  • Interviews
  • Anorexia recovery testimony
  • Nutrition programmes
  • Advice for health
  • Formats: audio (podcast/radio), video, written

Events and conferences

  • Workshops
  • Congresses
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals and associations
  • Public institutions
  • Health promotion programs
  • Anorexia recovery testimony
  • Education on nutrition and healthy habits

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Workshops: pray with your body

  • Soul-body connection
  • Acknowledging the body as a gift from God
  • Physical experience of the mysteries of our faith
  • Aligned with the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church
  • Rosary, Stations of the Cross, Divine Mercy Chaplet…

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Remote support to ED patients

  • Hospitals and private centers with ED units
  • ED prevention and treatment associations
  • Anorexia recovery testimony
  • Emotional support, inspiration and motivation
  • Work with the family

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