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Lenten Fasting: Holier (and Healthier)-than-Thou?

There’s still one week left before Lent and I’m already so done with fasting. Specifically, with people who can’t stop rubbing their fasts in everyone else’s faces, who lament that the Church has become “too lenient” with the fasts She prescribes, who think that the more extreme something is, the better, and who try to […]

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In defense of carbs: why science says they’re good for your health

Nutrition myths and fad diets really irritate me. All of them. But I must admit there’s one that’s lately driving me mad with a special intensity: the demonization of carbohydrates. Look, I get it: the massive consumption of ultra-processed fast food is leading to health problems and obesity in our society. And those are mainly […]

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3 Healthy Easy Christmas Menu Ideas: Classic, Mediterranean & Vegan

Christmas meetings and dinners are just around the corner and you find yourself in a triple dilemma. You want to keep taking care of your health in these holidays, but not restrict. You want to surprise your guests with something spectacular, but not spend hours and hours in the kitchen. And, if you’re like me, maybe […]

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