7 Apartment Gym Workouts – Full Body Training with Limited Equipment

7 Apartment Gym Workouts – Full Body Training with Limited Equipment

Many workout routines use a vast amount of equipment and machines. But those routines can only be done at big commercial gyms. They’re great because they allow more variety in the exercises, but going to such a gym isn’t always convenient or worth it.

For example, if your apartment block or your student housing has its own gym, you can save time and money if you go there. The same happens if you’re spending your holidays at a hotel or aparthotel and want to train.

And, of course, in the moment I’m publishing this post, we have the problem of lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic… In many places it’s forbidden to go to the gym or it’s become very uncomfortable, and more and more people are opting for buying minimal equipment and train at home.

I’ve created this 7 full body workouts so you can reap all the benefits from training, with limited equipment!

Each of them has 10 exercises in total, sometimes grouped into supersets or circuits.

Sometimes I say the barbell is optional because it can easily be substituted by dumbbells. You can also choose another handle for the cable machine if your gym doesn’t have the one stated.

The number of repetitions in unilateral exercises is by side.

*Some abbreviations used: BB (barbell), DB (dumbbell), RDL (Romanian deadlift).

Let’s go!

Workout #1

Equipment: cable, dumbbells, barbell (optional)

Workout # 2

Equipment: cable, dumbbells

  • Superset (x3):
    • 10 alt cross body biceps curl
    • 10 wide grip cable row
  • Ab circuit (x4. 8-10-12-15):
    • spiderman plank
    • plank touching toes cross
    • alternating oblique legs & glute up holding db up
    • lateral db bending
  • 4×10 cable kickbacks
  • 3×12 db bent over row to triceps kickback
  • 3×10 unilateral split squat to shoulder press
  • 3×12 hammer curl to unilateral cross body raise

Workout # 3

Equipment: cable, dumbbells

  • Superset (x4)
    • 15 decline push ups
    • 12 mid cable chest fly
  • Superset (x3)
    • 12 db in feet v sit ups 
    • 12 alternating oblique sit ups
  • Superset (x3)
    • 15 triceps kickback
    • 10 bent over one arm lateral raise
  • 4×15 thrusters
  • Superset (x3)
    • 12 high cable fly
    • 12 db push and press
  • 4×12-15 bent over bilateral db row

Workout #4

Equipment: cable, db, hamstring curl machine

  • 4×30 frog pumps feet on bench
  • 4×20 straight arms cable pulldowns
  • 4×20 cable seated rows
  • 4×10 standing shoulder press
  • 3×12 supinate lateral raises
  • 4×10 unilateral supinate cross body front raises, holding both db
  • 3×10 unilateral oh triceps extension
  • 4×15 lying hamstring curl
  • 2×20 cable kickbacks
  • 4×10 cable crossover no handles

Workout #5

Equipment: cable, dumbbells, barbell

  • 4×10-12 barbell military press
  • 4×15 2 db front raise
  • 3×12 unilateral bent over db row
  • 4×10-12 lat pulldown
  • 4×10-12 barbell curls
  • 4×15 thursters
  • 4×8 stiff leg deadlift to squat to press
  • 3×8 unilateral db snatch
  • 3×18 squat to alt hip twist (in this case 18 is the total number of squats)
  • 3×8 single leg stiff deadlift with 2db

Workout #6

Equipment: dumbbells, barbell

  • 4×12 barbell upright row
  • Superset (x4)
    • 10 high plank kneeling hip abduction
    • 10 standing hip abduction
  • 3×10 squat + thruster
  • 3×10 db pushup to 2 oblique mountain climbers
  • 4×10 squat + biceps curl when you’re down
  • 3×12 2dbs front raise
  • 3×12 single arm lateral raise, holding both dbs
  • 3×12 2dbs upright row + front raise
  • 3×12 upright external rotation

Workout #7

Equipment: dumbbells, barbell

  • Circuit (x4. Rest between exercises too)
    • 30s V crunch with alt toe touch, flex legs
    • 30s elbow plank with alt arm extension
    • 30s knee to elbow to side opening high plank
    • 30s commando to plank jack
  • Circuit (x4. Rest between exercises too)
    • 40s alt triceps kickback to side opening plank press
    • 40s commando to shoulder taps
    • 40s alt chess press to chest press
    • 40s skull crushers
    • 40s supine triceps extension straight arms 1db
  • Circuit (x4. Rest between exercises too)
    • 35s side leg raise in lateral kneeling plank
    • 35s half burpee to full burpee no pushup
    • 35s deadlift to upright row
    • 35s commando moving db to the other side with opposite hand
    • 35s skull crusher to hip bridge while you lift your arms

Remember to warm up before every training session and to stretch after it to take care of your muscles and prevent injuries.

And, above all, enjoy your training!

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